AL Zia Exports Pvt. Ltd. is a Buffalo meat export company, which offers the best quality, most hygienic, fresh and healthy frozen Halal Buffalo meat worldwide. Serving people’s taste buds with the rich taste of Buffalo meat since the year 2008, we as Al Zia Exports Pvt Ltd. have had 14 glorious years of exporting our high quality frozen Halal Buffalo meat at different places like Sharjah, U.A.E., Kuwait, Angola, Dakar-Senegal, Luanda-Angola, Hai Phong, Vietnam and many more all across the globe.

We are based in Delhi, India and are exporters and manufacturers of high grade Indian Buffalo meat and cover over all places of Middle East, Europe, Africa, and China. We deal in frozen Buffalo boneless meat, Compensated buffalo boneless meat, Hindquarter, Forequarter, 4 cuts (T/S, S/S, T/F, R/S), Blade, Shin Shank, Chuck Tender, Cheek meat, Striploin, Brisket, Neck and Tenderloin. Our good quality Halal meat is carried out under a special Halal process which is practiced with strict terms under ‘Islamic Shariyath’. The entire process is supervised by a representative of ‘Jamiath-Ulama-I-Hind’.